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The New European Bauhaus - Workshop of the Future

As part of the new European Bauhaus movement, the Fashion Council Germany is hosting the conference "The New European Bauhaus - Workshop of the Future" for the first time. Together with renowned voices from the fields of fashion, design, art, culture, education, digitalisation and technology, we will seek new solutions to make the fashion industry sustainable, inclusive and thus more desirable.

The inaugural event of the conference series will take place on 06 July 2021 in cooperation with Frankfurt Fashion Week and will be digitally accessible to all with prior registration.

The opening speech of the conference "The New European Bauhaus - Workshop of the Future" will be given by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Our event series is inspired by Ursula von der Leyen's initiative "The New European Bauhaus", which she first outlined in her "State of the Union" speech in September 2020. Following the historical model, the "New European Bauhaus" movement aims to promote interdisciplinary and co-creative cooperation and thus generate ideas and projects for a sustainable Europe in the sense of the Green Deal. The forward-looking projects become an interface between art, culture, social inclusion, science, digitalisation and technology.

Our "The New European Bauhaus - Workshop of the Future" conference will apply this movement to the fashion industry for the first time.


"We need creative ideas to make sustainable fashion more attractive. The combination of resource-saving technologies with innovative design creates a new desirability - fashion has to reach us emotionally and be fun again." Christiane Arp, President and Founding Member of the Fashion Council Germany


Pre-registration can already be made via the website website. We would also be delighted if you followed us on Instagram. follow us.

The list of speakers and the corresponding topics will be announced at the beginning of June together with the start of the official registration.

We can't wait to work with you to apply the new European Bauhaus movement to fashion and design in Germany and across the EU, and to prepare the fashion industry for a sustainable, inclusive and attractive future.

Re-build by taking responsibility.

Re-design by using sustainable solutions.

Re-think your actions now.

Re-imagine your future is today.

Be part of something beautiful, together with us!

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