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NANA BODYWEAR Video Premiere | Knitting Sustainability & Inclusion

Founded by a finalist of the German Sustain Concept, Lydia Maurer (Swimwear-Make Phylyda), and two founders, Morgane Parizot and Kristin Sperling, Nana Bodywear is both a fashion and a femtech start-up that was founded in autumn 2020. This early-stage startup builds on the inclusive, sustainable, and made-on-demand swimwear brand Phylyda. However, thanks to the collaboration with co-founders from engineering and digital innovation management backgrounds, it has a decidedly technical and functional perspective.


Nana Bodywear focuses on smart yet aesthetic underwear design combined with a brand ethos focused on sustainability and inclusion. 


Nana creates a world of products that are tailored to the individuality of each body shape. It uses the opportunities and possibilities of digitalization and takes into account the need for customized products and good service of its customers. Nana Bodywear aims to create precisely designed fashion that is suitable for all body sizes, both in terms of fit and sustainability. It is also NanaBodywear's goal to make sure that their prices are fair.


As a preferred processing method, 3D knitting techniques offer the possibility to work in a resource-saving way and at the same time to produce the individually manufactured parts - made-on-demand and without stockpiling. At the same time, it is the knitting technique that makes it possible to incorporate individual support functions into the models, depending on the respective size. A function that is particularly central to Nana's first hero product, the bra.


Nana's inclusive thinking - especially when it comes to size - also means working with different standards in product development: Unlike traditional brands, size development is not based on a small 'size zero' size, but on real - and extended - body measurement data.


As part of the German SustainConcept, Nana is presented here for the first time as Lydia Maurer's new project instead of Phylyda. Instead of an exhibition, an explanatory video was chosen, which illustrates the concept of Nana Bodywear very well, not only because of the current Corona situation. Rather, a virtual medium was deliberately chosen, which presents the digital character of Nana Bodywear even before the official launch. The video, which was created using 3D animation and digital model development programs, was designed and realized together with a collective of Berlin 3D artists, @LoopingLovers,@Polygondressing and @TheGoodLifeCollective. Sound Mix by @SofiaVelasquez, Music 'Sensual' by Julian Stetter, 2019, Mireia Records.This video was created thanks to the financial support of the German Sustain Concept(GSC). 


The German Sustain Concept (GSC) is a program initiated by the Fashion Council Germany to promote young German designers, carried out under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for the Environment and in partnership with BIKINI BERLIN and NEONYT. The program promotes young talents and fashion brands based in Germany and focused on sustainability. The goal is the long-term successful establishment of the four participating brands: NANA Bodywear, Lara Krude, WorkingTitle and Oftt.

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