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In conversation with Julia Freitag, Managing Director of StyleproofedTV: "The story behind the brand".

styleproofed GmbH is a creative think-tank around fashion & styling & shopping.

Julia Freitag entered digital publishing in 2009 with the blogzine " the guide to good fashion" together with her colleague Silke Wichert and a team of fashion and lifestyle journalist friends.

With the claim to present, test and evaluate the best products from the fields of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. A contemporary way of Stiftung Warentest on the web...

Since 2014, the portfolio of styleproofed GmbH has expanded to include brand consulting & styling and content creation.

So she has always been passionate about staging fashion & lifestyle in a way that is tailored to the target group, and this year she has ventured into a new moving content adventure with styleproofedTV!

FCG: Could you briefly explain to us what is behind StyleproofedTV and what services you are now offering with the agency?

Julia Freitag: With, we want to give new brands, local design greats and sustainable products more digital attention and explain and present the "story behind the brand" and the hero products, including functional and production details, together with the brand makers in our live shows.

In our LIVES, we combine the often impersonal e-commerce with personal interviews and entertainment to create a new social shopping format.

FCG: You originally come from journalism and were fashion editor for many years and later fashion director at magazines like Vanity Fair, Glamour, etc. You have been a fashion editor for many years. How has the industry changed from your perspective over the last 20 years?

JF: Trend cycles have become so much more fast-paced and the consumer attention span for products has shifted a lot to SEE NOW & BUY NOW. So for journalists and stylists, like me, a lot has changed, because the classic fashion magazines also have to cater to all digital formats and social media accounts.

Unfortunately, a great, elaborate photo shoot like the ones I was able to produce from my time at Condé Nast can hardly be financed anymore and the pressure to produce a perfect fashion video and good social media posts on the side in addition to the photos has become the norm.

Therefore, for me social media work means rather loving everyday life, where the imagery then also works realistically and true to life, and the fashion shoots and fashion shows are my very special excursions into the industry.

FCG: From your perspective, which (German) fashion brands have managed to achieve national and international success? What were the reasons for this?

JF: I find it exciting that some very escapist labels from the beginnings of the Berlin salon have made it into international perception - Horror Vacui and Rianna+Nina spontaneously come to mind.

And then there are also very authentic brands where the founders communicate their design taste and their brand ID over and over again with a lot of stringency and quality. For me, these are Jörg and Otto from Odeeh, Johnny and Adrian from Talbot Runhof or Leyla from Lala Berlin.

FCG: In addition to your work as a fashion and trend expert and consultant, you also worked as a stylist for a long time. Are there any tips you would like to give to young (German) labels?

JF: I would advise every young label to focus on one or two hero products in design and communication. Because the total look idea is not reality, neither with buyers nor with consumers.

FCG: What makes Germany an attractive location for you and how would you rate Berlin as a fashion metropolis?

JF: I am a true Berliner and of course I love my city, which is so imperfectly chaotic and fashionably indifferent, very much for its free-spirited attitude, its openness to other cultures and the possibility to reinvent oneself in it again and again. The only problem is that in Berlin status is not defined by fashion and therefore too little money is spent on good fashion.

I hope that Berlin can take a new and strong fashion position with upcycling, vintage, made-to-order and sustainable fashion. It fits well into the city's lifestyle and is hopefully the future.

We would like to thank Julia Freitag for the interview.

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