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FCG information: Covid-19

Due to the current critical health situation in Germany as well as on a global level, we would like to point out internal, but also external safety measures and changes, because: In order to preventively do our part to contain the pandemic Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 with the means at our disposal, we must act. And we must do so together.

True to the motto #FlattenTheCurve, it is our cooperative responsibility to act consciously. What exactly does that mean in times of a pandemic? Keeping human interactions to an absolute minimum and helping to prevent the situation from escalating exponentially and overwhelming our medical infrastructure. And while the aforementioned safety measures may seem "doable" at first, we realize that everyone involved in the fashion industry will suffer as a result of the current safety precautions.

In order to support and strengthen the fashion and creative industries, as well as other sectors that are particularly affected by necessary security measures, we would like to inform you about financial resources and subsidies from the federal states and the government, and assist you with possible applications and questions.

In the sense of a solidary togetherness, we wish everyone appropriate prudence, good health and a low negative impact of the dramatic development.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of the Board and the entire team,
Warm regards!

Official support and financial support


Due to the new type of corona virus, the economy of the Federal Republic of Germany is facing one of the greatest challenges in decades. Almost all sectors are severely affected, but especially freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises, including those in the fashion industry.

For this purpose, has created a digital space to collectively survive this new and unpredictable economic crisis through crowdfunding, petitions, online actions or the simple exchange of information. We advise to regularly check with local economic development agencies about the possibilities.

The federal and state governments are working closely together to deal with the current situation. And we are also working in constant, close exchange and coordination with the BWMi. On their website Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy you can find sources and contacts which refer to the state level. Here it is advisable to check the responsible economic development agency and their existing, but also newly created subsidies at the state level. All links can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

At the level of the federal states

For specific economic questions, you can also contact your local IHK branch, which provides hotlines on the topic of corona virus and acts in an advisory capacity. In Berlin, for example, an additional state programme is to be passed in order to help the creative industries in the face of impending turnover losses. Mayor Michael Müller(SPD) has suggested supporting the self-employed with a one-off grant of 15,000 euros.

Similar flexible and new support options are currently being designed and introduced in all federal states. Simple searches on the Internet by entering "Soforthilfe Berlin", "Soforthilfe Bayern" or other combinations of federal states provide useful contact and support information.

At the federal level

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has already taken a clear position on the current health crisis and points to the following support options:

1. short-time allowance will become more flexible. In future, companies will be able to receive it under more relaxed conditions. Among other things, short-time allowance can already be applied for if ten percent of the employees are affected by the shortfall. You can find specific information and contacts here and here.

2. the improvement of tax measures facilitates the liquidity of companies. To this end, the deferral of tax payments is facilitated, advance payments can be lowered more easily. Enforcements and surcharges for late payment are waived in connection with the Corona effects. In this regard, it is recommended to contact one's own tax offices, pension and social security institutions and municipalities.

3. the liquidity of companies will also be supported by new measures that are unlimited in volume. To this end, existing programmes for liquidity support are being expanded and made available to more companies. The house banks generally provide information on the new possibilities. However, there are also KfW loans for bridging, including guarantees via the guarantee banks of the federal states. It is also worth looking at the pages of the state development banks, here for example in Lower Saxony

4 At EU level, Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier and Federal Finance Minister Scholz are currently holding talks for coordinated and decisive action. Among other things, the Federal Government welcomes the European Commission's idea for a "Corona Response Initiative" with a volume of 25 billion euros.

Link collection


9. https://kreativ-bund. de/corona

How to stay informed

In order to face this pandemic cautiously and with the right measures, we appeal to inform primarily about portals such as the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization about the current situation of the new coronavirus.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write to us at:

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