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Annette Roeckl: How Corona is changing the fashion world

FCG: How will Corona change the fashion world?

Annette Roeckl: In my opinion, Corona will lead to less merchandise overall in the long term - but greater authenticity and focus with regard to the range. This also includes quality: I hope that we will enter a new era of value. In the future, we will probably also see a stronger differentiation between classics and high fashion products. Classics will form the basic range of the wardrobe, which will be broken up with small, always new and surprising, but limited Capsule Collections.

FCG: Can you also learn something from the crisis?

I think that the present also has its positive side and can be instructive and healing in many ways. Corona perhaps functions here like a catalyst that reinforces already existing longings and tendencies. Such as the increasing demand for long-lasting products and a deceleration of the fast-fashion system. This could lead to a change of mindset: Luxury needs time in order to be appreciated.

Annette Roeckl: What would have to happen for that to happen?

Seasonal cycles have to be adapted and overproduction avoided - in the end it's about aligning collections and offers with demand. The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important anyway, so recycled materials or sample production in Europe will play a greater role. Personally, I would like to see more mindfulness in dealing with resources as well as with our fellow human beings.

FCG: Do you have any tips for quarantine?

Annette Roeckl: Meditation, yoga and a positive mind-set help to stay happy, calm and healthy.

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