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Aeyde: The crisis hits everyone in fashion

FCG: How are you and your label doing in this crisis?

Aeyde: It basically affects every fashion company, so it's not easy for anyone in the industry at the moment. Due to the timing of Corona, unfortunately two seasons are affected - the current summer season and all future orders for autumn/winter.

FCG: Where and how do you spend your days?

Aeyde: We are working: Our entire team has been in a home office since March 13, so we are now in our sixth week. The changeover went smoothly and we all got used to daily video conferences and digital meetings very quickly.

FCG: How will Corona change the fashion world?

Aeyde: Corona will bring about a long-term change in the fashion industry. The retail industry, as it used to function, will no longer be able to continue in this way. Concepts need to be rethought here. Brands that are digitally established will quickly get back on their feet. Overall, digitization is being driven forward faster than ever, while outdated concepts will have a very hard time.

FCG: What impact will the crisis have on world affairs?

Aeyde: Less travel, especially business travel, because we've all learned how wonderful meetings can be via video conferencing. When it comes to consumption, we will focus more on high quality and invest in durable goods in the future - instead of mass production, as we have done in the past.

FCG: Tips for the quarantine?

Aeyde: Personally, I try to walk outside for an hour every day to clear my head. Getting less exercise than normal makes healthy eating even more important. I try to cook fresh every day and try new things.

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