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FCG WEBINAR: Blockchain technology as added value for textile supply chains

Speaker:inside: Dr. Stefan Rennicke & Tatjana Meier

The journey a garment takes before it hangs in one's wardrobe and the conditions under which it was produced somewhere in the world can be made more transparent and traceable for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, but especially for the consumer, through the use of blockchain technology. Due to the current developments in the market and the increased interest of consumers, the textile company KAYA&KATO, together with some of its partners from the global supply chain, commissioned the technology company IBM to develop a blockchain prototype for the textile industry. The project was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The new solution "TEXTILE TRUST" addresses a multitude of challenges in the complex textile supply chain - transparency, sustainability, material origin and quality, and working conditions - in the future, final development stage. IBM's many years of experience in more than 400 realised blockchain projects worldwide have already shown that blockchain technology can deliver great added value for very many companies in numerous industries. The start has been made for the textile industry, now it is time to take the next steps consistently and with further partners.

The webinar will have a presentation and active Q&A component.
Language: German
Duration: approx. 1.5h

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